It seems like Isle of Demons in Way of the Strong is the go-to place to leave revenants with great gear, but I think we could do better.

While it's cool people do this, it's kinda flawed. For one, most of them suicide by drowning, and this is an issue. It makes it far more likely they or the one fighting them will drown, either losing their drops or creating a new grave with meh equipment to dilute the pool of available graves to farm.

Which means it's best to summon then step away to lure them from the edge, which takes longer (especially if they insist on using items before coming to you) and gets kinda annoying when you're fighting a lot of revenants in a row.

So, suiciding by way of the outlaw at the beginning would be better.

But, I'm not sure why people seem to have chosen this stage as the place to do this, since we have all the missions in the first 3 regions immediately available in Way of the Strong. So it doesn't HAVE to be the first level to make easy early access possible. Plus there's probably higher chances of people dying normally here, so these graves with great loot will not stay as long because folks might not have adjusted to the harder difficulty yet.

I actually think The Demon of Mount Hiei would be a much better choice as it's quick and easy to suicide to the cyclops, and for those farming it's quick and easy to bust its crystal to permanently remove the enemies, leaving a large open space with no fall deaths to fight tons of revenants.

That or some less popular sub mission people don't play/die in much maybe. Or just everyone suicide to the outlaw. One of those.

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