Issues with administrating a Conan Exiles server.

Option to broadcast the use of administrative functions

Administrators MUST be able to enable a server setting that broadcasts the use of administrative functions. This MUST include spawning of items, creatures or humanoids and at least for activating of fly mode, demigod and god mode, unlimited stamina and sprint speed setting.

Ghost and invisibility mode SHOULD NOT broadcasted because it may get used to observe suspicious players.

Commands require the use of the steam name

Its annoying that you have to use the steam player name for console commands. For every command it should be possible to use the steam name or the ingame name or the steam uuid or a simple but server-wide unique index of the player.

Command to get the list of players; PrintPlayerList

The list SHOULD output at least the steam player name, the ingame name, a simple but server-wide unique index of the player and the last login.

There SHOULD be an option get the list of all players played in the server; not only the ones online. This SHOULD be also possible in the administrative UI.

The command PrintPlayerInfo SHOULD include more information about the player.

It SHOULD include Steam Name, Ingame Name, Steam UUID, Index, level, clan name, amount of placed structures and the last activity time. There SHOULD be a administrative UI for this.

Command to get the list of clans; PrintClanList

The list SHOULD output at least the clan name, players in the clan and the last activity of one of the players.

There SHOULD be a administrative UI for this.

The list of players MAY BE also only awailable in a PrintClanInfo command.

Spectating players.

Specatating players via ViewPlayer is a pain in the ass. The view is obscured by parts of the face and/or head gear. If the player has a mask of Yoq equipted you actually see nothing. It MUST be possible to switch to third person view and in third person view it MUST be possible to change the view angle by mouse.

Administrators MUST be able to see who placed a structure.

For every structure type not only doors and crafting stations.

Administrators MUST have a TeleportToPlayer console command.

Thats much better that have the player get his coordinates, let him copy/paste them into the chat and use the TeleportPlayer command.

Administrative functions SHOULD be able to get invoked from the player list.

This includes Viewplayer, SummonPlayer, TeleportToPlayer, etc.. May be as button with a drop down.

Administrators SHOULD be able to increase the movement speed of ghost mode.

Administrators SHOULD be able to delete items from their inventory and be able to delete all items in their inventory.

If you build up something for an event you need to get rid of the spare items. Or you gave yourself accidently alot of wrong items (100 explosive pots for example) and you want get rid of fast and save.

Administrators MUST be able to ban players that are not online.

Maybe via console command BanPlayer .

Other administrative function that SHOULD be available.

  • The ability to kick a player from server (as light disciplinary action).
  • The ability to kill a player (as light disciplinary action).
  • As long there is no decay system in place administrators SHOULD be able to remove all structures of a player or a clan.


Administrators SHOULD be able to broadcast a server announcement.

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