Issues to fix – My opinion only and a few friends opinion

Straight off the bat I'm going to say that I play a lot of H1Z1: Just Survive. I wouldn't describe myself as a 'casual' type of player either (I have no life, therefore this game has become my life). I'd also like to make it clear that I'm not 'hating' on the game or the developers, I'm merely just giving my opinion and my feedback, and I know from talking to my friends who play with me regularly that I'm not alone with these suggestions. But these points listed below are just some of the things I'd personally like to see changed/improved upon in the game to make it a better experience for all of us players.

  • Zombie spawning. Now, I understand. It's a survival game, with zombies. So I have no issues with zombies spawning and surrounding me. However, right now I think it's complete overkill with zombies. If you're in your base for ten seconds, you get completely swarmed. If you're in a gun fight with another player, the zombies seem more likely to kill you than the player that's shooting you. Like I said, a few is ok, a group is ok, but right now it feels like there is hundreds of zombies after such a short space of time. It just needs toned down a little bit, in my opinion at least.

  • Voice chat. This has been an issue for a long time now. Proximity chat doesn't work, group chat doesn't work, and radio chat doesn't work. Yes, sometimes if you log out, close down the game, open the game, log in, then radio and group chat might work, but proximity never works. By the way, I'm aware of this Alt+M fix people talk about, I've tried it many times, as have my friends, and this fixed none of our chats. Honestly, maybe it's because of the type of player I am, but I like to talk on the radio, I like to talk on proximity (back when it worked, long time ago it seems now, no offence), but for me it's a massive part of the game. People might say I just want to talk trash, but starting little beefs with other groups on the server is all part of the fun, isn't it?

  • Zombie & Wolf movement. I'll be brief about this one. If a zombie or wolf locks onto you, they seem to zig-zag, bloody breakdance, crouch and do all sorts when they are approaching you. I feel like they should 'sway' (if that makes any sense), but going left then right then left then right then you're getting munched seems a little… unfair? Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to shoot Neo from The Matrix when I'm shooting a locked-on zombie.

  • Frame-rate. The frame-rate whenever you pass through a populated area with a decent amount of bases is unreal. Killing people is next to impossible when the frames are so low. I don't really have a suggestion for this one really, so yeah. Just putting that out there I suppose.

  • Game crashing. Again I'll be brief, we've all experienced it at some point. The game randomly crashes at times for me, and for my friends. There is no consistency with it either, like I don't crash all the time when I'm doing a particular thing in the game. And by the way, my computer is more than good enough to run the game without crashes, so it isn't a hardware fault on my end.

  • Gun spawns. This one is really down to personal preference, I personally feel like the gun spawn is a little too scarce. Just a little. It should be difficult, yes, but right now I feel myself spawning, picking up a load of ammo, but then trying to kill a fully geared player with an axe…

  • Hackers. Unfortunately, there is idiots who do it. I understand you guys can't do anything if we don't report the player, but a certain group of players on the server I play on have been reported numerous times, and a video has been sent to you guys of this group cheating, yet the group is still on the server (I understand you probably have a lot of players reported daily, so you guys have a backlog but understand how frustrating it is to see hackers for us, they ruin the game obviously). However, the reporting system is flawed. How am I supposed to hit Ctrl+R when a guy is shooting me? I'm obviously not going to let him kill me (trying to hit Ctrl+R mid-fight will more than likely result in my death) so what do I do? Again, I don't have any type of suggestion for a better way of reporting, but something clearly needs to be done. I had a guy somehow get into my base the other day (all gates were shut and I hadn't even left the base yet due to just logging into the server) and this guy just jumped into a jeep in my base, got out, and suddenly the jeep disappeared. He done it again with another jeep inside my base, then he was suddenly outside and done it to a friends police car. We saw him again later that night and he done it once again. No explosion or nothing, the cars just disappeared. He was gone by the time I tried to hit Ctrl+R. An easier way of reporting players needs to be found, because hackers are just a damn shame.

  • Adding friends to group. This one might be difficult to explain, but it's more of a suggestion than anything. I understand you can hit Ctrl+I to invite a player to a group, and you can also type the name of the player and invite them that way. But why not have a friends tab on that group page? So I can just click the name on the friends tab on the group page instead of typing out their name (assuming they aren't close to Ctrl+I them) and just click their name that is listed to invite them to the group? If we're mid-fight, and one of our team isn't grouped, it's a bit of a nightmare to find them and Ctrl+I or type their name.

That's pretty much it for now. Again, I'm not 'hating' or complaining or whatever. Merely just giving you guys (the developers) some feedback so you can make the game a little better for us all to enjoy.


  • Moon.

P.S – Sorry about the long post, but I needed to vent it somewhere, dammit. (I'm not even sure if people read these posts, to be honest).

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