Island Map Imbalance?

I think the island map may have some issues with weather patterns and ocean current. This happened in sunny, clear weather on the island map:

Yesterday I was captaining a galleon and doing quite well, winning 3-4 matches in a row. We started a new match on the island map (I believe that's what it's called) and I lined up as I would typically do at the start of the match. The opposing galleon came towards us, right into our line of fire, and I told the crew to let it go. All our shots went directly into the water, which is fine maybe I was out of range. The crew reloaded, the opposing galleon came close and got a hit on our ship with the front cannons so I thought we would be in range. Lined up shots again and had the crew fire. All our shots went directly into the water, again.

I've been captaining galleons quite often lately, so I figured this was just an issue with the current and how I was captaining the ship. So I did a complete 180 turn, figuring now that I was going the exact opposite way in the water that we would have shots on the opposing galleon. If the current was causing our cannons to shoot into the water, certainly going the complete opposite direction would put our cannons above water, right?

We kept taking hits while turning starboard. Finally we completed the entire turn and had the advantage on the angle against the other galleon. I tell everyone to fire the cannons and whaddaya know, we shoot directly into the water AGAIN.

How is this possible when I reversed course 180 degrees? How is it possible that the current puts the galleon's cannons into the water when sailing in complete opposite directions? We were 100% out of the water when shooting both volleys. It didn't make any sense.

In my opinion, we spawned at a disadvantaged location. The opposing galleon was in range and landing cannon shots, while we were shooting into the water despite the boat being above water. I completely understand if the current puts your cannons into the water going one direction, but if you reverse course, wouldn't it make sense that now your cannons would be effective?

Has anyone else experienced this same situation? I don't get it. If I'm missing something please point it out. Maybe I'm missing something with the map? The other galleon was able to hit us from both inside the island area and outside, while I missed from both locations. I might just be stupid, if this is the case please tell me so.

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