Ishtar Commander 1.9 with New Secure Login for iOS and Android is Out Now!

First of all apologies. This isn't a post about the special ammo economy. I know boo hiss. But it is about Ishtar Commander the mobile Item Manager for all things Destiny. One that could not be betterer, but now is! If you are still travelling to The Tower to move items via the vault like an animal, then you really should try and see how easy Ishtar makes it. All from your mobile device. It even makes an iPad more useful than just for netflix.

What's new?

  • Use Bungie's new secure login. See here for the dirty details.
  • Stay logged in for a year. Yes! No more 3 week login pain.
  • Fast switch between linked Xbox and PSN accounts. Just tap logout in Settings and if you have 2 accounts you can easily flip between them without logging out.

App Store Link

Google Play Store link

A lot of people refuse to use 3rd party item managers because previously you had to log in with your PSN/Xbox account details. Bungie's new auth system means this has been finally addressed. Just make sure you are already logged into on your phones browser when you open Ishtar.

If the app has been a bit slow for you recently you should find this update brings it back to the same speed a Matador 64 used to one shot you from across the map. Back when you had the ammo that is.


UPDATE: Current build crashes if you still have an iOS device on iOS 8.x. A new version is being reviewed by Apple and should be out in under a week.

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