Is there any way to receive a closed beta key, or did it go out to specific streamers, etc.

I am definitely not trying to break rule #5 with this post. I played a bit of Arma 3, I absolutely love Project Argo with the exception of only being able to join European servers if at all due to low numbers(I'm in the US), and I am just sick and tired of H1Z1 and everything that comes with it. And I'm not trying to bash H1, I enjoyed my time, it's fun for what it is, but there are just so many infuriating things that happen that it's just time to move on.

I've tried to look up as much as I could find about this game, as well as how, or if it's still even possible, to get into the closed beta, but not having a lot of luck. I'm not trying to join any contests, or follow people on twitter, just wondering if there was a legit way to obtain one. I did see that I can soon pre-order to get in the closed beta, but who knows when that will be and I'm a little antsy.

Any info regarding the closed beta would be appreciated. And for those lucky enough to play, how are you enjoying it? I did like Playerunknowns battle royale in Arma, though found it less user friendly for a noob(and I definitely still consider myself an Arma noob at only around 60 hours) than H1Z1, and as such didn't play that many games due having a hard time with not understanding some of the mechanics in the game and having a hard time finding them online.

Thanks for any info, hope this game is what I've been looking for.

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