Is there any song from the OST that you’d like to hear on piano?

Hi guys! I play piano/have perfect pitch, and my boyfriend recently has been pretty obsessed with Nier: Automata, so I checked out some gameplay on YouTube and holy shit does this game look beautiful. Not only am I excited to draw 2B ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) but what also stood out was the amazing soundtrack.

I want to go through the OST and pick out my favorites (honestly I feel like all of them will too good haha), but I'm pretty busy right now and probably won't be able to do anything for a month due to pharm school/final exams. SO, I'm just asking you guys if there's a particular song that you'd like to hear and/or popular. I am very new at this whole writing piano covers thing, so there is a chance I may or may not end up giving up lol but it's worth a shot :O

The only thing you can rely on me is drawing 2B and/or NSFW art of her LUL

– Also, does anyone know if there's like, a piano collection of Nier: Automata's soundtrack? Or if there will be one? I'm totally willing to spend money and get my hands on it lol. I see one for Nier (the game previous to this one, right?), but I don't think there's one for Nier: Automata rip

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