Is tachibana’s quickdraw move supposed to be instakill or close?

First up: not a complaint thread, i've beaten him and he had a fun, if not quite difficult, stage.

I wouldn't say im high level but I am a spear user going stamina and body so my hp is presumably much higher than sword users. I also use mid-heavy armour while being blue in toughness and being just under 70% for the dodge rolls.

So the fight is pretty standard, hes got the bows for long range, hes got quick slashes with a short delay for you to jump in and a summon.

But the "bullshit" appears in his quick draw. He deals over 1000 physical damage and a bit extra lightning damage. That drains my hp from 100 to like 15-20%. Is this normal!? How is a sword user or someone not invested in hp supposed to survive that?

Is a player supposed to pot at 70-80% hp then!?? a bit ridiculous because it completely undermines elixirs as nothing more than lives rather than, a health potion as your hp is whittled like in other boss fights. The iai slash seemingly has be to dodged by being out of ranged.

Its timing has very little room for error if you want to dodge – it homes in on your position AND worst of all: it drains your Ki by a ton if you block. This means his follow ups will hurt you.

After much practice, I just had to position myself far from him (mid-far), enough to run in to hit him after he does some moves but also far enough to run back if he charges.

everything else about him seems fair but this one move is literally make or break in a boss fight.

picture this: he is half hp and you got 4 elixirs left. You are on 75% hp. He charges at you. you dead.

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