Is it worth buying?

Before telling me that it is and that this has been asked thousands of times, let me go a little deeper.

I've heard from several sources that this game plays like the older Runescape, which is amazing, as that is my childhood, and I still play the oldschool version now. Someone had complained about the combat being extremely simple, like Runescape, yet having a ton of skill point trees.

Are there skill levels, or do you simply level via combat/skilling and put skill points into any skill you'd like?

Are there unique items? I don't really want to see a "Steel Sword" "Steel Sword +1" "Steel Greatsword". Even if that's very Runescapey.

I've heard the game is very fun in a guild during a guild war of some sort. Is the game still enjoyable just grinding level/items? That is, if you enjoy grinding in general, do you like it?

I've heard that you drop everyone on death. Do you constantly compete with being cornered by multiple players and destroyed for your stuff, or is there PvP designated areas? Runescape has single/multiway combat, and certain areas for PvP, I'm wondering how this works?

Are there dungeons, and are they instance based?

Back to losing items… Can you store items? I would assume so, but it's worth asking. Maybe go to a dangerous area with sub-par gear you may lose on death.

I think I've thought of a lot of stuff, just a few more.

Is housing relevant? Is there a point in having a house other than just to have it? Runescape has the ability to have a lot of teleports, and other extremely helpful features, all in your home.

if I decide all this sounds good, is it worth buying past the first tier? ie. Veteran/Epic/Legendary. I couldn't see myself getting Legendary, but if it sounds good enough, Epic would be my buy. On top of this, how useful is the gold they give you?

Thanks for any and all answers!

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