Is it really impossible to block a PK’s light attack with pure reactions? (Calculated)

I have heard lots of complaints about PKs and PK mains defending against them that PK's light attacks are impossible to react to. Before I start I just want to tell you guys that this isn't one of those butt-hurt little kid complaint that the game is unbalanced. This is just informing you guys based of calculations and the game input, that it is impossible even for someone with inhuman reaction to block a peacekeeper's light attack with some characters.

Here is the video I am referencing but since its Korean, I am sure it wont help that much anyways:

This is tested with a Shugoki but since there are other characters such as nobushi and lawbringer that take as long as Shugoki to change guards, it applies to the other characters too. Lets get into this.

For the game itself to read any controller input (not sure about keyboards) it takes exactly 14 frames. So basically you have to subtract 14 frames from the amount of frames normally required to block a PK light attack. 14 frames after the you input, the character(Shugoki) will finally start to change his guard. Then for a Shugoki it takes exactly another 9 frames after the input delay to change his guard. Which means it will take exactly 23 frames to successfully change the position of the block.

Now lets see how fast a PK's attack is. The sound appears after 17 frames the red arrow appears then another 7 frames for the game to actually confirm that the character has been hit.

Conclusion: A PK's light attack takes 24 frames after the red arrow while it takes a Shugoki (and several other characters) 23 frames to successfully change the position of their block. That leaves the player exactly 1 frame for the person to react to the PK's light attack. Accounting for the server lag and the fact that everyone has normal human reactions, this is simply IMPOSSIBLE. That means a Shugoki or a Lawbringer must predict the attack before it the red arrow even appears and a parry is literally impossible. I know this game has lots of flaws especially the server problems but I believe this problem is one of the top priorities that has to be fixed for the game to be fair.

P.S for the PK mains out there. This doesn't make you guys the cancer of the game. I wouldn't blame you for abusing the most reliable tool of a hero. I just think that Ubisoft should hurry and do something about it.

Thanks for reading!

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