Is it just me or is this game running nearly twice as good as it was last weekend?

I play on a 770 with an i5-4670 (3.4) and 16 GB of RAM.

My system was decent two or three years ago, but it's not great these days.

Last weekend the game was playable, but generally not very fun. It slowed down, stuttered, and was an eye-sore. I didn't expect much else to be honest, and it was enjoyable enough to push past the issues.

I just got out of my first win. The game plays brilliantly. I doubt highly that im getting beyond 50 fps and probably get big drops, but it's night and day in comparison to last weekend.

I play with everything on very low, and textures to high. Additionally, i have the GPU software (nvidia control panel) override the games AA features and currently have the anisotropic filtering set to 4x and anti-aliasing – FXAA set to on. Whether or not these changes made any sort of difference, i couldn't say because I don't know enough about how they work.

EDIT: I do still get some noticeable slowdown while looting in some houses and while driving, but i mean… I won one game, came in 4th for another, and 8th in another. I killed 10 people in the game I won… there is just no way i could have done that last weekend. Also, I am not entirely sure how much stutter comes from lag and how much from game optimization.

I generally don't notice much in terms of performance difference, but I noticed immediately once I landed for the first time. I apologize if I get people hyped for a change they don't experience, but like I posted above, it may have something to do with having Nvidia override the AA options.

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