Is anyone else kind of checked out of Destiny? If so what are you playing until D2 hits?

I don't mean for this to be all argumentative or talking down the game at all. I'm a beta player and I've enjoyed the hell out of this game. I have not bought any other game since Destiny launched and it has been my joy for the past 2 1/2 years. I have never put this much of my time into a single game ever. I am without a doubt so excited for D2 and will once again drop what I'm doing and play that exclusively once it drops.

That being said I've kind of gotten a little bored with Destiny. I've done everything I would say consists of a full experience in Destiny from PvP to PvE activities. I've had a well rounded experience. I would not consider myself an amazing player in any one part of the game. I don't have 100% complete collections or have I ever been to the lighthouse. But I would consider myself in the top 5 to 10% of players in Destiny who have completed everything.

The Age of Triumph just is not going to keep my attention till fall for D2. I'll still play and see how far I am in the record book and for sure run VoG again! I just won't be "sucked back in" like I will once D2 hits.

So in the meantime a coworker who is basically where I'm at in Destiny with experience and our feelings of being checked out told me to check out Mass Effect: Andromeda. I had never played any of the previous trilogy but heard this is a good jumping in point. So that's where I'll be spending my time until D2. See all you guardians then, I cannot wait for our journey to continue.

TL;DR – Burnt out on Destiny. Anyone else feel the same? And if so what will you be playing until D2 hits?

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