Invisible buildings north of Mother’s Watch?

So after the platinum, I was doing some general exploring. Ended up finding something strange, hopefully someone else can duplicate it or explain what's going on…

Just north of Mother's Watch, in the patch of trees to the right of the scrapper site, there's a point on the map that my cursor was kind of 'stickied' to. Not sure how to explain this, when I hovered my cursor over that part of the map, like it wanted to be stuck to a certain point. Anyway, I decided to put a way point on that spot and check it out. Well, the way point wouldn't appear on the map when I tried that. But when I exited the map, sure enough on my compass there was a waypoint, and it was telling me there was a structure there. It was the big building icon, like at Devil's Thirst or Maker's End. Strange indeed.

So, I make my way over there, and there keeps being this blue pulse that occurs in that area. I can't for the life of me figure out what is going on. Scanning with focus does nothing, Aloy has no comments. Random scrapper here or there to kill but no buildings or anything noteworthy nearby.

I recorded it on the PS4, will link back here when I get around to uploading it. Can anyone else confirm this is happening in their game?

Edit: The pulse appears to be coming from the local scrappers. Still don't know what's up with the map marker pointing me to a non existent building.

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