Increase “Ultra” Graphics Quality [READ]

Hey guys. So before you think im just a graphics whore, i am not. I just want to go over a couple of things I found that increase graphical quality in the game without ANY degradation in performance. These changes should be default when they game is set to ultra, rather than my having to enter them every single time I enter the game.

Console is the tilde key: ~

Grass density: This makes a huge difference in how the landscape looks and really improves it. If you open your console. Type: grass.densityScale 2

This will seriously improve your grass without any frame drop.

View distance: The view distance for ground clutter is kind of abysmal and makes running in fields/sand a non-immersive experience as you watch stuff 20 feet away spawning in. Use command r.viewdistancescale 2 (or even 3) and it seriously improves the view distance for this without any loss in performance (3 can see a 1-2 frame drop at most).

There are a couple other options im messing around with but these first two make a nice difference to the game and should be included by default.


New commands

r.AmbientOcclusionLevels 3 (makes lighting just a tad nicer, doesnt go above 3).

r.Shadow.DistanceScale 2 (improves distant shadows).

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