In my no-time-having life, this game is a bold and beautiful blast of fun.

In my life, the moments I can reserve for gaming are few. With a career and family taking up most of my waking hours, gaming is usually reserved for rare spontaneous moments – my wife and son falling asleep early, for instance.

And for no apparent reason whatsoever, I recently sold my Xbox One and all the stuff I had for it, buying a PS4 with Horizon, Uncharted, Last of Us and Nier: Automata. Oh, and came by a Switch and Zelda.

It's ridiculous, really, since I've barely even touched my Steam library, and I'm getting all these gigantic open-world games?

And so I've been waking up early (3:30 or 4 a.m.) to get my gaming in before the fam gets up and we eat breakfast and go about our days. And the game I've played almost exclusively since I bought it? Nier.

It's just an amazing jolt of gaming adrenaline… an intoxicating mix of lore and lightning-quick gameplay. It's Incredibly fun, and a reminder of what I love about gaming: pure combat mechanics that makes every battle fun.

And I would have never gotten here if it weren't for the demo. It was a game I knew nothing about, but the demo grabbed hold of me in ways very few gaming experiences do these days.

I'm not saying there isn't something special and beautiful in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or in the sweeping beauty of Horizon Zero Dawn, for instance – but those games will have to wait.

For now, the time I have reserved for gaming has gone to Nier, and I can't wait for my next few minutes in the game's mysterious, furious world.

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