Improvements that could make the game, a must buy for me

Caution: long wall of text

So to start of with, I think we should clarify what I think this game is, or at least what it is attempting to be. This game is an attempt to bring the tactfulness of old ghost recon to a wider fan base, than just the hardcore fans of the genre. I think that alot of people need to realize that where there isn't some of the Hardcore aspects of military simulators, that it is on purpose to open the game up to a wider audience, who don't want the full exposure of a game like Arma 3.

So to get to the list of changes I would make to vastly improve the game.

1.Driving ground vehicles needs to be made to where you aren't constantly, over and under steering.

  1. Air vehicles need to have Yaw controls so that you can turn without having to flip the plane.

  2. If enemies become alerted, they should not all instantly know your location, or if someone does spot you, if you kill them before they yell/sound an alarm, that you remain undetected.

  3. Bullet Drop/ Speed needs to be upped a decent amount, if it is at a 50/100, lets make it 75/100 or 80/100. These are just relative figures to show an example, not measured statistics of game physics.

  4. More random event encounters, I.e more armored convoys to take down or capture, maybe you hear of a cartel raid on a small local town, NOT something you have to travel to a map point to start. Just things that make the map and area feel more alive. If all we have to go after are set missions and side missions, I feel the world will get stale traveling between said points.

  5. Other options to collect weapons parts, I was very sad I couldn't get a longer range scope for a sniper in the beta, and itwill be disappointing if I have to Travel halfway across the map just for one in the full game. Maybe weapons crates, don't give actual weapons, but "parts" to unlock weapon attachments/new weapons?

  6. Improve team AI so I don't feel like a baby sitter, with incompetent military children, who only know how to sync shot

  7. Make a few more consolidations for the hardcore fan base, maybe a true "ghost" difficulty, that has no hud option, no fast travel, teammates can die(only viable if they improve team AI).


  9. Being able to change weapon modes while not aiming, if none of you have tried the grenade launcher, you need to aim your gun to switch to it. Really kills the drive when in the middle of a fire fight, or trying to kill a heli, because you actually have to aim to change it, then unscope to make sure it switched to it.

These are all i can think of for now, I'm sure you all have many more, but these would make the game an instant must buy for me. Let me know what you think!

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