Immediately booted from group because I wouldn’t queue for Crown Chemical

I'm leveling a Rogue, just finished Stormheim and queued specifically for Halls of Valor to do the Securing the Aegis quest. After a few minutes the queue pops. Before a single trash pull happens, I get a pop-up asking me to select a role for Crown Chemical Co., which I declined.

The pop-up happens again, I decline again. I explain that I specifically queued for Halls of Valor for the quest. I get a pop-up asking if I want to kick another player who won't queue. I click no, but he's kicked anyway.

The pop-up for Crown Chemical pops up two more times. At some point during this another DPS joins to replace the kicked guy. I also say again in Instance that I need HOV for quest. Bam, I'm kicked from the group.

I now have 30 minutes of Deserter and nothing to do with that time except complain about what happened.

tl;dr: I was kicked from a dungeon I specifically queued for because I wouldn't queue for the holiday boss instead, then got deserter.

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