I’m working on a sort of catalog of survival games and would appreciate your input.

After giving it some thought, I think it might make more sense to, rather than include merely my own opinion toward the game, have the Comments section better reflect the general consensus of the community.

As such, I guess I'm here to ask the following:

What would you want to say to someone who's never played H1Z1: Just Survive but is looking for a survival game to play? How would you describe the game? Is there anything they should know before giving it a try?
Try to avoid overly-simplistic stuff like "just get it, it's great" or massive walls of text if you can though, please.

Thanks to all who reply!

Alright, well it's been 24 hours now, so I think I've got enough replies for what I need. Thanks.

For anyone interested in looking at this 'catalog' I'm making: Here's a link.

Not really anything incredible but I felt it might be interesting to get all the survival games organized for easier comparison.

And, again, thanks to all who commented. It really helps me a lot.

Dang, Daybreak really is living up to their reputation with this aren't they? Your comments seem kinda gloomy. As a Planetside 2 fan, I can sympathize.

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