I’m tired of players sitting in the base “afk auto-attacking” and purposefully feeding.

I just got out of one of the worst normal conquest of my smite history. I've been playing since Beta, and we all run into our share of frustrating moments. Essentially what happened, was everyone in every lane died within the first 5 minutes, so our jungler says "I'm just going to wait in base."

It's 0 to 5, and he automatically gives up. Do people expect to always give up if they're not ahead? Isn't that how you get better, is to play from behind? To pile on-top of this, our solo laner decides to run into enemy titan/team/towers repeatedly because "we already lost". At the end lobby chat, I mentioned we could've came back from that easily if we just played and were aware of why we died. He comes back saying "I didn't feed until we were already 8k gold down." I just laughed at how insane that is. "I didnt feed until". Like I'm in the wrong for even suggesting we keep playing.

It became a 3v5, and myself and my support kept f7ing because I like to play the game (I know, how dare I). It's increasingly frustrating to keep getting these players in my matches. It's easy to say "brush it off, block them, and queue up again", but recently it's been mostly every game someone gives up and afk's, rage quits, or just doesn't load into the game properly and its automatically a 4v5.

I used to absolutely love smite and I've put around $700 into it for skins and events, but now I'm left with a sour taste in my mouth after every match I do. Sorry for the rant, but I'm hoping someone can help share similar experiences or their views on this "give up immediately" culture I'm seeing so prevalent now in Smite.

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