Im literally pissed.

I never played a yoko taro game before and nier automata is my first. Ive been waiting for this game since announcement and got hyped more after playing the demo. I just gotta say its by far the best game ive ever played in my entire life gameplay wise and story wise! not a single game hit me so hard and made me requestion my life again like this one. (Maybe ffxv). But here is the thing , what is the defenition of a 'video game' what makes a video game good? Its not the visuals or graphics , neither alot of curscenes nor spoon fed story. A good video game is what makes you immersive and feel your fingers going numb for how exciting it is and *** you in the mind after fininishing it and during gameplay aswell ; a game that will make you keep thinking about it even in your death bed because how creative and out of the ordinary it was. Thats the same case with nier automata my beloved gem.

Now you are wondering why am i pissed. Been wondering around the internet lately and seeing people bashing yoko taro for his game and how shitty it is and comparing it to witcher and for honor , last of us uncgarted etc. Are you people out of your fucking mind or something? Seriously witcher? Lou? Uncharted? If you want a generic story with slightly any gameplay go watch some movies or read some novels. Claiming that nier got attention for booty and stuff , oh let me say , not a single sexual scene was in the game. Let me quote one statement ive read multiple times .' An ending required an internet connection? Thats shitty ending and fuck this game' excuse me? Now you gitta claim that non of you in this generation have internet? Yet you keep playing online games? Thats what makes it more creative you idiot. 'Connect to the network' god damn network!!! The game portraytes network in this way. Im not saying nier is perfect and it has flaws ! But i love everything about this game abd the true meaning behind it and what makes us special.

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