I’m in love, my love letter to nier.

Sorry if this is a shit post but this needs to be said.

I haven't played a game like Nier in so very long, one that completely captivates me and makes me want to go so deep into it's story that I become intoxicated and I drown. Seriously though, everything about it is beautiful, dare I say it, a work of art. I thought Final Fantasy XV would be that game for me, sadly it wasn't but this is.

I know nothing about the series and went in just knowing that Platinum games was behind it and that was enough for a purchase. The music? Absolutely incredible, gameplay? Very rewarding. But the story? That's the only thing I can't see what other people are raving about, I'm 18 hours in, have 2 endings unlocked I think but to me it doesn't really stick out. It's weird because people are raving about it. I have a personal blog that I'll be posting thoughts on different aspects of the game each day for a week, which I won't plug here.

I have a few questions.

I'll be picking up the first Nier for sure.

Drakengard has nothing to do with the series right? Am I too dumb, or am I missing something with the story, (it did take me about 1 hour and a half to beat the first real boss).

That's it, just had to gush.

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