I’m half-deaf and I’m planning to buy the game in full, Legion and all, but I need advices on communication since I can’t speak or understand, and I’m scared they will not accept me. I need help!

Hello, /r/wow! For some time, I have saving up money to buy this game and Legion, in full, and I think it's the most expensive game I've ever planned to pay for, in 75 dollars and and 15 every month. I'm pretty excited but then I realized the fact that when I see people raid awesome mythic dungeons, they all talk and stuff like that but I have no idea what they're saying since I'm half-deaf. I wonder will some groups or guilds just kick me out because I can't communicate with the mic, only with the chat? I personally think that the social aspect on MMORPG games are the most vital part for me, and I think it really helps when I feel bored on a MMORPG game (experience on other mmos). Now, I wonder will this happen and I have to suffer searching for the right guild that's not using Discord or things similar to that, and that they will just accept me just using the chat. I still can hear a little and I don't mind joining the voice chat but I always feel out of place when I don't say anything for a long time. So, I think I just need some advice from you experienced people of this sub!

Also, I noticed that when I watched some of the cool cinematic trailers, I saw some comments talking about WoW being dead or dying and that the Lich King was the last of the best peaking time of WoW. Now, I'm a little confused since I thought it was pretty popular, and… speaking from experience with Maplestory, with all Nexon, the worst company I've ever seen, aside from Kabam with RoTMG, that I'll waste so much of my time only to see it lose more and more popularity and force me to quit.

Anyhow, aside from all this depressing stuff, I'm still unsure what to main, and so far I think I like Orc Fury Warrior but I notice it's been not played on for a lot of streamers and on youtubers. Is it bad now? Should I pick another class like my second choice, Mage? I personally like melee classes the best but this game is very interesting on each class and I'm curious to try it all with at least high level. Oh boy, do I still have a long way to go to learn all this fun stuff WoW has!


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