I’m forever grateful for the friends I met playing World of Warcraft…

Yo, /r/wow.

To be honest, this is more of a wall of text that I need to get out of head then anything else. I don't really have any family or friends to talk with, more then the hospital staff who have been really helpful of course, and I'm very sorry if this is not supposed to be on this reddit page but as much as I feel like I have always been able to turn to World of Warcraft when I wanted to escape from things and find people to talk to I just put my hope in that maybe someone here can relate and listen or that I can reach some of my old guild if they are still around…

I started playing World of Warcraft when my mom and dad gave me the vanilla version as a birthday gift. I didn't really have a rich life outside my house and I think most people would see me as a loner, but what they didn't know is that I was in my room meeting likeminded people all over Azeroth. I still remember the first time me and my guild spent hours in Maraudon, sneaking around in Crossroads during the night, countless duels outside of Ironforge, farming for our guild leaders Epic Mount, getting our asses kicked in Naxxramas… Much have changed since then. I don't really keep in touch with the friends I made back then but I still hold them very close to my heart. They helped me, and my mom, get through the passing of my dad. I don't think they knew it back then but spending time in World of Warcraft really put a smile on my face even when I was at rock bottom. The biggest reason why I don't have that good contact with them is because I have always just been able to play sporadically after that. After my dad passed away my mom got very depressed and it would result in what I had to face today.

For the past year she have been getting worse and worse and today the doctors told me that it's time to say goodbye. That there is nothing more they can do. I have not been able to speak much to my mom lately as she has been sedated most of the time because of pain. Tomorrow and hopefully we will have a beautiful last good night together. I have told myself countless of times that this day was close and I tried to prepare for it but it did not do much. Hearing this really threw my world upside down. I wish I could escape, if it only would be some hours, in Azeroth again but I'm afraid I don't really have the economy right now to buy game time so I wanted to try to reach out to my old friends here. Maybe I'm able to find someone from the past to talk with again in a time when I really need to escape reality for a while…

Long story short. I want to know if there is someone out there from old Stormscale (Europe) and the guild Bronze Bastion? Or someone from Ravencrest (Europe) that I played with? I know it's a very long shot but I would really like to say Hi again and a big Thank You to everyone who been there for me when I wanted to escape for the real world. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please send me a PM!

/ Yours, Thunderblade.

For ever grateful and always touched by the friendship of Bronze Bastion.

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