If you think about it, the Vex might just be using us as a weapon.

So I kinda had a small extension of this theory a while back, but now that I've done more research, I actually think it holds water. The vex are probably just fucking with us, or at least, keeping us busy or possibly using us. Here's why I think this.

So look at ALL the raids, and all their drops. Crotas End, weapons with hive stuff all over them, with a fully hive raid exotic. King Fall, fully hive weapons with this mythical hive magic raid exotic. Wrath of The Machine, weapons infused with SIVA top to bottom, and a raid exotic that bumps that to ten. Then there's Vault of Glass… Just normal weapons and a fully vex exotic, with a rather interesting bit in its grimoire card:

The Mythoclast is a Vex instrument from some far-flung corner of time and space, mysteriously fit for human hands.

Rather odd huh? All the other raids have pretty normal drops, I could see them in that environment, but VoG has just normal stuff, and a raid exotic that looks and acts like a vex weapon that is fit for guardian use. Now why would that be? Why would the vex not only create normal, guardian class weaponry, but ALSO create something in their image DESIGNED FOR US? You can also just look at the designs to see this even clearer. The way CE, KF, and WoTM are designed all makes a lot of sense when you look at what you're doing, but VoG really doesn't. It's all just puzzles that are conveniently designed for a 6 man team, complete with a game of hide and seek halfway through.

Don't get me wrong, I love VoG, but it almost feels like the vex made it FOR us. I mean seriously, what other purpose does it serve? It's all just puzzle rooms and mini games! It's so weird that with other races it's all pretty straight forward, but with the vex it's all so… guardian friendly… It's almost like they're just toying with us, or distracting us from their greater plans with these trivial little light plates and such. But my biggest argument here is… THEY CAN ERASE THINGS FROM TIME! Why haven't they erased us? Or for that matter, erased the traveler, or earth, or our solar system, or done ANYTHING to us AT ALL with that monumental power of gods!? My answer? They don't want to.

They clearly could if they did, look at all the 'lost' guardians in VoG, and the other things they've axed cause they go in the way, we would be no doubt the biggest part of that right? So why do we still exist? My answer lies in the Hive. The Vex invaded a Hive throne world, and attempted to kill Oryx and his band of baddies, but were rejected and destroyed due to physics, space, and time not working the same way there as it does in our universe. We guardians though, we've proven vert good at taking out these pests who don't follow the universes laws, and thus, the vex will supply us in a way that we don't even know they're doing it, and then await the destruction of the hive so there is nothing left in their way but themselves.

My spinfoil hat is tingling.

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