If you summon someone, have some respect

The least you can do is gesture as they come in and gesture after the boss fight.

Or is it just me? Cus everytime I come to help, and the host just runs off like it's my job to help them, I get frustrated. Even worse when they are CLEARLY struggling at the boss without your help, you kill the boss for them, and they leave without a look.

And then you get these kind of people 4-5 times in a row and I'm looking for the nearest cliff if you don't gesture when I spawn in.

Tell me if I'm too picky or whatver, please!

Edit: omg wrote this before sleep and woke up to lots of replies.

It's actually somewhat related to not being appreciated or even acknowledged enough in real life (at work, by GF (no "hi" come back from work and not even thanks after I cook), etc), and when this game is my escape it's kinda hard to if ore when it reminds me so much of reality. It's just hard when I'm purely there to help (I don't care about glory, AT ALL believe it or not, I don't pick up loot, maybe a bit of gold here and there, and I'm 750 and all guardians at max so I dont need amrita). And I actually help them farm as many revenants as they want on the way.

But I get it from many of the replies, if I'm choosing to help then nothing else should matter since I already made the choice to help. Also sorry I can't reply to all the messages since I'm on my to work now. 🙂

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