If you don’t enjoy Legion, stop playing. And unless you are a top 5 Mythic guild in the world, you dont need to farm AP 10 hours a day.

This is such a gross over-exaggeration that gets spread everywhere.

Before 7.2: "So much to do. This is BS. I have to do LFR of every single raid, do normal and heroic of every single raid, and try to Mythic progress. All while doing every single AP world quest"

No. No you really don't. Content isn't tuned for that.

You can easily 10/10 Heroic guildless. if your guild isnt pushing world first in Mythic, you have no reason to feel the need to grind all day because the content isn't tuned for that.

7.2 comes: "There is nothing to do." How is there still nothing to do? We're building up to the launch of Tomb of Sargeras. Yes, the new stuff was done in a couple hours, as intended, as we all knew.

If Blizz put every quest out there right now, now you'd be complaining there is nothing (and yet somehow too much) for you to do before Tomb of Sargeras comes out.

I'll give you an easy life tip. If you don't enjoy WoW, stop playing it. It's that simple. Or cut the time you play it and learn to play differently. I'm 10/10 Heroic Guildless, around 50 artifact traits. I'm pretty satisfied with how I treat WoW. WoW is not a second job to me. of course you'll make WoW not fun and feel tedious if you treat it like a second job. This has been the case since Vanilla. Play too much, burn out. And you're never required to play 10 hours a day like people pretend you have to.

You wanna unsub until Tomb is out? Do it then. You won't be hurt. Not like Normal and Heroic Tomb are gonna be tuned for 70 artifact traits.

You also aren't forced to only play one game in your entire life. Find a game that you ALSO find fun and split the time with how you play them! You can find WoW time fun that way, and then you can find your other game time fun. You dont gotta wake up, go to work 9-5, come home and grind AP until 11 PM where you go to bed and do it all again.

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