If UBI is reading, there are some details you’ve overlooked.

There are a few things that really grated at me from the very start of the game, but they're easily addressed, I hope.

Addendum: A couple of images of the gear issues I'm talking about. Specifically, the 5.11 Tactec plate carrier, should cover the suprasternal notch (the gap in the collar bone). (http://imgur.com/gallery/VsSLw)

  • You've got Condor and Airsoft gear in the appearance selection riding alongside 5.11 and Crye, so many gear makers to select from and take influence from, Condor shouldn't have been one of them, but I'm hoping there will be more selection in the full game. We're playing as GHOSTS, not the local semi casual airsoft team, Condor should never show up… or stuff like the lower face mask, that's for protecting you against plastic BBs.

-You label everything as "vests", "Load Bearing Equipment" or "LBE" would be more accurate, a plate carrier and a chest rig are not vests. Vests are hardly used.

-Out of the two 5.11 'vest' choices, one was their MOLLE vest, the other was their TacTec Plate Carrier I believe, where it sits on the model the front plate is 8 inches too low. Now there is a precedent for real world professionals to not wear their body armour correctly, however, the top of the place should be at the suprasternal notch and the rear plate should mirror that. This protects the upper heart and aorta from taking bullets. The IBA seems to be worn in the correct place, so this should be a simple adjustment. The TacTec is not a chest rig/vest, it is literally a device to hold trauma plates in front of your vital organs.

-Plate carriers are 'just for show' even though lvl 4 rifle plates are literal life savers.

-Gloves, they're all "baggy", Oakley pilot gloves don't wear like oversized loose mittens, looks terrible.

-20 round magazines are not "standard", with 30 round magazines being "extended" for basically any platform. 30 rounds is standard, and then you get into various sized drums and extended magazines. Running around as an elite military unit with 20 round magazines is inaccurate as all hell.

-Like the gear, you seem to have gotten your assortment of weapon attachments from Evike's airsoft catalogue, there are a lot of cheap low grade crap represented in game. The Ghosts have gone from multi million dollar active camouflage systems to buying garbage laser pointers mounted in clamps for their pistols… why? There are so many actual examples to take influence from, a $20 pistol laser should never show up.

-For a unit like The Ghosts, the Pentagon seems super reluctant to provide them with even basic equipment, it's hilarious that the first weapon sight I have access to is some low grade red dot I find in a box, but I've got access to infinitely useable suppressors that universally mount any weapon I pick up.

-Killing surrendering enemies is a big no-no apparently for a clandestine "never was" Military unit, but there is no option to detain, or really do anything other than drag them around until their buddies shoot them or I kill them when I use the "knock out" command. Santa Blanca has made lawn ornaments out of people they've crucified and burned (i.e. outside the church in Culta), but I need to maintain moral PC highground for a 'sterile war' that isn't even being reported to liberal soccer moms back in America? Pass. Even US Navy SEALS 2 (Ps2 era) didn't punish you for that. Civillians yes, but enemies?

-Locational damage on vehicles, does it exist beyond "wheels"?

-Weapon balances, why is a 9mm SMG handling better than a 5.56 416? It fires a pistol cartridge.

-Bullet drop, what kind of crap ammo are we using that drops THIS much at 100m, yet Narcos with 9mm's shooting from high ready, not even aiming, can hit back. Balance out this psuedo realism… ballistics data is free on the internet, and all over the place.

-Would like to see options for choosing ammunition types, FMJ, HP, AP, etc, they all have their place and appropriate uses.

-Shotguns, didn't try one but are they punching out to realistic ranges, or are they the 3m dangerzone and useless otherwise?

-Watches, worn face out? Should be face in.

-In the promotional imagery of the Ghost in a red shirt holding a pistol crouching on a mountain side above a prone Ghost aiming into the valley, the LMG mounted on his pack clearly has a Keymod system handguard, but then you've added a Picatinny rail for his vertical grip… keymod is a replacement system for picatinny. Research, details, accuracy.

-Speaking of, vertical grips should not be close to the magazine well, they should be further out along the handguard. A wider grip is a more accurate platform, GHOSTS would know this.

-I've noticed the cardinal sin of "when one enemy spots you, they all know where you are without communicating." and it's coupled with super observant enemies, and ghillie suits that are just for show.

-There's a narco enemy type running around like he's Neo with twin Mac-10s, while some idiot could do this, it's really a "wtf are you thinking george, smarten the f up." sort of situation, he should not have the same accuracy or overall threat rating as the guys using two hands to wield even the same gun. He's an idiot.

-As a practiced, elite GHOST unit member, I have trouble keeping an extended burst of 5.56 from a rifle on target, narcos can drive nails at extended ranges with a full magazine dump with short barreled SMGs… no.

-Do enemies even have to reload? Or do they just fire in bursts so you hope we wont notice that they have unlimited ammo in their weapons.

-Obviously a well meant post just turned into me remembering a bunch of stuff and noting it, like, why can I fly a helicopter with dual mounted miniguns, but have no method of aiming them, and inadequate controls to use them effectively, helis in the game lean in their directions to move, they don't have the axial control of even battlefield game helicopters. Why? GTA made this mistake in IV, and haven't since. And these guns spray 1000s of rounds of rifle caliber munitions a minute, but take a very long time to chew up a vehicle of narcos. It's more effective to order the team riding to "assault" and taxi them through a hot zone than it is to use the guns on the heli.

-Whenever I get into conflict, my team disappears into the details behind me and doesn't assist until I go down and they're forced to kill EVERYONE to rez me… what's up with that?

Love the concept and idea of the game, would really like to see it come together, but you guys need some better references, shame we're seeing a beta and the gold release wont improve much beyond some technical details.

If the original Ghost Recon was as accurate as it was for the time, it makes these Ghosts look like local militia boarder patrol airsoft team… without the gear knowledge of the local militia boarder patrol, or your common airsofter.

For me, details like this make the game, if it was Just Cause, I wouldn't care, it doesn't take itself seriously.

You are.

Best of luck.

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