If I queue for a dungeon while the incentive bag and bonus AP are advertised…

I should fucking get the bonus rewards regardless of how long the queue takes. The only thing this accomplishes is people, like me, declining the queue and creating a longer wait time for others.

Edit: To clarify, this is the situation:

  • You queue with the little gold outline/dot whatever. All good so far.

  • You wait for the queue to pop, the length of time is not necessarily important.

  • When your queue pops, the dialog box opens asking you to Enter Dungeon or Leave queue.

Now, on this dialog box the rewards for the content in question are listed. Instead of listing the gold, AP, Bonus AP, and Satchel, the dialog box only lists the gold and regular AP. As shown here.

I realize that this is not the default game UI, but I have seen the call to arms rewards listed using this UI before. So we have a situation where either the players are not being accurately shown what rewards they're going to receive, or the rewards change between the time you enter queue and the time the queue pops. Both scenarios, in my opinion, are annoying and worth addressing.

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