Ideas for slowing in-game progression post level 30?

It just feel like some communities are swarmed with experienced players who in my opinion have no honor in pvp. they prefer to swarm or conquer and oppress anybody matching their power. It'll never be equal. What are some way people can extend the life of their servers – so many are dropping from 40 players to 20 and below. Whats helping your community survive or your private – specifically PVP.

also what do people think of this idea I've been thinking of creating some type of "theme" where we have 48 hours of the settings "indestructible bases" – disabling the elitist who prey on people joining the alpha and then a purge of sorts begins for 48. Where a reset back to "destructible bases" takes place and everybody can go wild. Giving people glimpses of recovery and allowing time to fight for land. Nobody is every truly out for good.

It's just the exploits right now are causing so many issue – people who control city of set and then use long range weapons to pull the entire city and then kill everything untouched – to invincible stair-less pillar rock bases or even arrow bombed explosives that level a home. Also Green / Yellow Spider exploiting. just SOOOOO many issue's players complain about. I'm having thralls trouble also and this would give teams of admins time to clear the disallowed builds near camps and cities and rid of abandoned player building that show no activity for 4 days or more. (a strong community makes this all work)

do you guys think this is too risky and would make it to "easy". I wanna get feedback before introducing the idea to the server. I'm just looking for ways admins can combat balance issue's – it's hard to keep new players because high level competition will demolish the new connectors. Not to mention is forces players to seek a wiped server every 7 days.

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