Ideas for few skins

These are just general ideas, i have 0 drawing skills so just concepts. Feel free to make your own if interested. Just @ me on it 🙂

MechaTyr: Tyr as a “not so functional” old style robot that can rotate his blade around him without having to rotate the whole body, the power stance has a more angry and powered look while the defence stance adds some armor layers around him. During the ult he rocket-launch himself.

Peasant thanatos: just a simple farmer with his scythe, alot of grass cut effects around him during his abilities, during his 2 he has the actual animation of mowing, his 3 is just a better version of it where he cuts corns. During his ult he loads on his shoulder a big sack of corn and takes off.

Guan Yu the glorious green knight: this is a reference to the magnificent Green Knight from the Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnia lore.

Thor the carpenter: Thor wields his hammer to build this time, yellow safety helmet on. Alot of bricks flying during his abilities, you can guess how his wall is going to look. During his ult he gets pulled up with a safety rope to a really high metal beam as in this iconic picture

NuWa the crazy cat lady: nuwa throws alot of cats in this skin as she makes alot of noises just like the Simpson cat lady. Passive cripple shot is a little kitty that sticks to the enemy with his little claws, her minions are also kitties, her 3 is also another cat being thrown. Oh and guess what the ult is. Yep, rain of cats.

Ymir the cold sneeze: Ymir the ICE GIANT somehow catches a cold, his wall is now a bathroom wall with a cabinet full of all kinds of medicines, his 2 is a slam using the thermometer (that’s his weapon), his 3 is a HUGE sneeze.

Zeus the mad scientist: with his electrified hairstyle he has some sort of Tesla weapon on his hands that canducts electricity. His 1 and 3 procs a thunder from the sky. With his 2 he throws a tesla conductor. Finally as a ult he uses his conductors placed all around to summon a thunder storm.

I also thought about Osiris the chef, Erlang the blind with his guide dog, Kali the housewife, Anhur the kitty.

Fafnir the neanderthal that transforms into a Trex, Toth the flamingo, Serqet the ninja.

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