Ideas for Blackwake: Skill system and Preset System

I would like to see a system whereby you can put a number of points into different skills, in order to make your character slightly better at doing some things than other things. The skills would be as follows: Craftsmanship Pumping Sword-Play Medicine Cannoneer Firearms Sailing

You would be able to add a maximum of 5 points to each class. You will be given 10/11/12 points to spend, whereby you can now have a slight variation on the role you wish to play. Heavy investment into cannoneering for example would speed up the rate at which you use the ramrod and push the cannon into position, increasing your fire rate.

Along with this idea, could now exist a number of presets. At various level intervals (such as 5) you could be awarded another preset unlock. Presets will enable you to set a specific character, with a specific costume, loadout and of course a skill set. You could therefore create a specific preset for a ‘Boarder’ armed with grenades, a Blunderbuss and a Duckfoot, that also has a high investment into firearms and swordplay.

At the same time a different preset could be more tailored towards firing cannons and fixing the ship by adding investment into Craftsmanship and Cannoneer.

This creates a little bit more variability amongst play styles, and also requires the crew to work as a team even more to make sure that the correct pre-sets are used at the correct time.

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