[Idea]Clan battle success shows we must have more clan challenges and events and here is some fun ideas.

This is a repost but u/Letmewinplz asked for it and I did some more formatting.

Clan wars have been very successful and had nearly the whole community satisfied and engaged.It was so much fun that nearly everyone wanted it to be permanent.

I have some more ideas to fill the gap of the 10 days between clan wars.

1-Clan bracket tournament: Image

It is a weekly event that starts on Wednesday that the leader or co leader can only start. When it start there will be an I Agree Button in chat that last 1 hour. Every player will get notified when it starts and must click I agree to participate.This will eliminate inactive players. When the tournament starts there will be a knockout rounds made up randomly. The friendlies will pop up on the screen and must be responded by the two concerned players. There will be a cooldown of 3 minutes. If the second player don't respond the one who did will win. If nobody responds a random winner will be picked. You have to be on time to win and the best player from the clan will win.

For the rewards because win trading can get part of it the reward won't be that great. They can be : Gold Chest and 500 gold or a giant cheat.

The tournament can only be played if there is more than 8 players in the clan.Up to 32 players can play in the tournament. If the number of players is not a 2(pow,n) number than the higher trophies members will skip the first round and will go directly to the second.

2-Defend the leader mode:

It is like a clan war but a very fun mode. There will be like a map displaying your position with the leader in the back. Every member plays a battle against any random other clan and must make sure to not to lose. If he lose than the clan will lose him. The leader can attack only when at least two members of your clan are out.Your role is to kill your enemies leader. If you kill him your clan gets the reward. YOU HAVE ONLY ONE LOSS.You may say you just have to be inactive to not lose but no you need to attack.And leaders have to attack at some point because most of his clan is out.The fewer the members remaining the further the matchmaking will let you being matched with leaders.

This event takes part on Sunday-Monday. The more leaders you kill the more the rewards. Each leader you kill you get : 1000 gold and 5 gems and a new chest called Conqueror's chest with a 100 cards 40 rares and 2 epics.

The battles are at tournament standards.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and if you have anything to add please make sure to add it.

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