Idea of a way for devs to get in game feedback.

Greetings Azerothians… Azerothonians… Azerothlings…?

Blizz is putting a lot of effort into creating better communication between players and devs. I wanted to try and help as well. My idea uses the existing tech of the “What’s New” pop up to get targeted feedback from players on the PTR and eventually live realms as well. Forums and social media are very helpful for player feedback, but you can reach a much larger audience by opening up feedback within the game. This idea is not perfect or finished by any means but I would like to start a discussion to brainstorm another way of communication between us players and the devs.

Ignoring my poor photoshop/graphic design skills, here is an example: <

By utilizing this window, devs can ask a targeted question about things they are trying to test out. This window can have an if/when condition that targets a specific audience based on any number of factors. Having the window pop up for a player that meets the filter of rogue/subtlety/recent arena activity to ask about the feel of Shadow Step in arena PvP yields higher quality feedback without bothering a resto druid that hates pvp. Whether they are asking general questions that reach everyone, or specific questions that only pop up for specific players, it opens up another path of communication without bothering people with questions that do not relate to them.

What do you think? Anything you'd change or add?

Thanks for reading!

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