Idea: New Skill – Sniper Nest

Skill: Allows the player to set up a camouflaged sniping spot for long range sniping support.

Description: Sniper nest requires a relatively flat terrain surface of 5m x 5m to set up. Before setting up the nest, you must equip a sniper rifle at your primary weapon slot. Once you've set up the nest, your sniper rifle will be configured for long range sniping, and can only be used from inside the nest. You can only use your sniper rifle when you're inside the nest, but you can always exit and enter the nest as you see fit.

Cooldown: The sniper nest can be dismantled and relocated, at the cost of a 60 seconds cooldown. Once the nest is dismantled, the sniper rifle used in the nest will return to your equipped loadout. However, you cannot equip yet another primary weapon while the nest is set up i.e. you can only have 1 pistol and 1 AR/SMG/LMG/Shotgun/Sniper until you dismantle the nest.

Level 1 – The nest will be surrounded by camouflaged netting, concealing the player as well as changing the camouflage netting of his/her sniper rifle. The camouflage patterns will change according to what type of terrain the player decides to set up the nest at e.g. snow, sand, forest etc. When the player is inside the nest, he/she will become extremely difficult to be spotted by helicopters/car patrols near his/her vicinity. He/she will also be immune to mortar targeting until an enemy manages to detect him/her by hearing the shot from close range, or by spotting the muzzle flash at close range.

Level 2 – The nest will automatically configure the player's sniper rifle with a 12x or 15x magnification scope and a bipod for increased stability and accuracy at the cost of limited cone of vision. These attachments will override any equipped attachments, but the weapon will only be accessible with those attachments when used inside the nest.

Level 3 – The nest will provide the player with a high power binoculars which can be used to spot targets from extreme ranges. When inside the nest, the player will also be able to spot/fire targets from up to 1.5 kilometers i.e. increased draw distance and ability to see targets at a range beyond 720 meters.

Level 4 – The nest can now accommodate two players, allowing one to become a spotter with the upgraded binoculars while the other uses the upgraded sniper rifle.

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