[Idea] Mega Minion! [Humor]


If you didn't understand the picture above, the Mega Minion is an innovative troop that would crush every small troop in his way and throw a hundred bananas at a building a second! It would be sure to invoke strong emotions, but it wouldn't become too strong due to the recently added mega elite barbs!

Why does it only cost 1 elixir? Shouldn't it be 2?

Keeping it at one elixir would make it more fair and more of a balanced cycle troop.

Why does it have 6666 health?

It's MEGA. It needs a lot of health. Duh.

Why does it do 1000 damage per second?

To keep the overpowered Tesla and Bomb Tower in check

Why is the hit speed so quick?

The hitspeed reflects how quickly Illumation animation makes the minions in movies and in toys!

Why does it only target buildings?

Like it was said above, the Tesla and Bomb Tower needs to be kept in check due to the pure strength of the two.

Why does it have a very fast move speed?

To stay away from the oncoming onslaught of doots

Why is the range 6.66?

Based on a poll, many people agreed troops should have a Royal Gianf like range. So the Mega Minion fulfills that roll!

Why is the deploy time 20 seconds?

Due to the amount of braincells lost by these yellow guys, it's low intelligence makes it a little slow to start actually attacking

Isn't there a troop already named the Mega Minion?

Yes! This one.

Leave any comments, criticism, or concerns below! I spent many hours making this beautiful and balanced masterpiece

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