[Idea] Make a Bomber walk out the Bomb Tower after it’s lifetime

The Bomb Tower is overshadowed by the Cannon, Inferno Tower, and even (a tinsy-tiny-bit-not-really) the Tesla. This bad boy is in need of a buff.

Instead of just buffing its stats, this is a creative way to approach things. Tombstone spawn skeletons upon it’s death, so why not a bomber from the bomb tower?

Since the bomber is 3 elixir, it doesn’t mean the tower itself would only be worth 2. It should provide more value, like how Three Musketeers is almost half the price of one Musketeer. That being said, if this change is implemented, the tower should get a tiny nerf to compensate. It won’t be OP because

  • The building is still is weak to air, so it keeps to where it came from.

  • You can’t control when it’s lifetime will end

  • It IS just a Bomber

The Bomber would be very useful. The bomber can do that one annoying throw if it is ignored, you can plop a tank in front of it, or use it as support for your X-bow. Possibilities are endless.

Making this change will be something fresh, increase the usage of the Bomb Tower, and see a ton of new cool ways to play this card. It could potentially also change the meta, as the Bomber itself is not really seen in it.

One Reply to “[Idea] Make a Bomber walk out the Bomb Tower after it’s lifetime”

  1. So they currently nerfed Elite barbs, Royale Giant, Goblin gang, as well
    as mmy favored card thee log. It’s likewise great to see that the lately launched Legendary Night Witch obtained nerfed as
    a result oof its very frustrating bats swarm.
    Ooops currently we are regarding to see a brand-new collection of
    cards the next couple of weeks – I hope they are not OP and aso by the means
    why they can’t nerf that solo pig push hog ridewr card it is really solid specially at 4k+ prizes itt can hit yur tower 2-3 times with ease.

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