[Idea] How to make the 2-elixir goblins and spear goblins reliable again in wake of goblin gang

It seems as though the Goblin Gang has taken the Goblins and Spear Goblins straight out of everyone’s decks in the game, with many opting to use Goblin Gang over either of the cards instead due to Goblin Gang’s clear advantage in value. In top 200 decks, which is also a good indicator for tournament usage, both the Goblins and (especially) Spear Goblins are towards the bottom, while Goblin Gang is near the top:

Global Top 200 players card usage #3

I haven’t seen either of the cards much on ladder either, with Goblin Gang pretty much being a clearly better substitute for either of the cards. For this reason, both cards are given an “F” rating on Clyde’s latest card tier list: https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashRoyale/comments/63xrbp/strategy_clydes_tier_list_v14/

So, it is pretty clear that the Goblins and Spear Goblins need a change or else their usage rates will continue to be near zero while Goblin Gang steals the fame.

I have an idea though for a change: Make both the Goblins and Spear Goblins 1-elixir cards, but to compensate, make each card spawn only 2 goblins instead of 3. This will make the two cards in EQUAL value with the Goblin Gang: Under this change, spawning 2 goblins and spear goblins will be 2 elixir, and the 3rd Goblin and Spear Goblin from the Goblin Gang will represent the 3rd elixir. Now since the Goblin Gang won’t have a clear advantage in value, the usage rates among the three cards will be more balanced out. Another indirect benefit of this change is more competition with the 1-elixir Skeletons, which is very close to the top of the usage rates, by providing two other alternate 1-elixir troop choices.

And yes, I am aware that the Minion Horde and 3 Musketeers have a clear advantage in value over the 3-elixir Minion and 4-elixir Musketeer, respectively, but that is a different story since they need a value advantage due to being higher risk due to high elixir cost. The Goblin Gang at 3 elixir is not a high risk card, which is why they are taking Goblins and Spear Goblins out of decks for being more valuable over the two but also for being a cheap, low-risk card.

TL;DR: Change the 2-elixir Goblins and Spear Goblins cards so they cost 1 elixir but also spawn only 2 Goblins and 2 Spear Goblins respectively to compensate. This will help bring those cards in equal value with the Goblin Gang instead of giving Goblin Gang clear value advantage, which will help balance the usage rates of the cards instead of Goblin Gang stealing fame from Goblins and Spear Goblins. May also help cause more competition with 1-elixir Skeletons, whose usage rate is very high.

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