[IDEA] How about adding “Backpacks” fit for longer travels.

Me as someone who likes to travel around a lot, especially in a game that is going to vastly expand its landmass over time….you need to have a lot of stuff on you. Especially if you plan on building something relatively secure right away. (Gotta have those T2/T3 mats)

But right now this comes at an INSANE downside -> Stuff as much stuff as you can into your butt (where else is it going?) and load up to 99% weight…and then be screwed if you actually have to run away.

So here's my idea:

1st: REVAMP INVENTORY SYSTEM (just a tiny bit) -> Your inventory lines are reduced to 4 lines. That means you can carry 20 stacks/items of whatever you want, the WEIGHT LIMIT STAYS THE SAME.

This means if you just want to wander around…you can do that, but you're not going to carry your entire castle with you..


Light -> More of a pouch, adds 1 additional line of Inventory space, has a weight of 1.0. This is for you if you want to do some resource gathering near your hideout/castle. Does not affect max carry. Made from Animal Skin and Plant Fiber

Medium -> Adds 2 additional lines of inventory space, has a weight of 1.5. This is for you if you want to go hiking, or have to transport something from A. to B. Does not affect max carry. Made from Leather and bit of Iron

Heavy -> Adds 4 additional lines of inventory space, has a weight of 2.0. This is the bugger you want to bring if you want to move house! Max carry will be affected! You will be able to "overcarry" weight with this as it is more evenly distributed on your back. Basically you get a new bar on your weight circle that comes after red. It will allow you to go up to 125%, but disables sprinting entirely. Made from Thick Leather and a bit of Iron Reinforcements (Steel feels too expensive for that)


Now here is what truly makes this interesting!

  1. Throw it in a bush before fighting monsters, that way your weight will no longer be limiting you during fights and you can pick it back up after

  2. Use it to save your life in PvP! Enemy player asks for ransom? Just throw the damn thing on the ground and leg it…he gets your inventory (excluding hotbar) but not your life!

  3. Use it as insurance. Pesky and evil enemy player trying to hold you at "bowpoint" and demand your stuff? Throw your EMPTY backpack on the ground and leg it…before he realizes all he got was a few bits of sewn together animal skins…you're long gone!

  4. Use it as bait: Fill it with rocks, put it on the ground, and wait until the first unsuspecting newbie comes and tries to walk off with it….if you take him by surprise you get to keep your backpack…+ whatever he has.

P.S. -> Funcom…reduce arrow weight already…it's ridiculous.

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