[Idea] Class Specific Missions

So lately I've been having more fun brainstorming ideas about Destiny 2 than I have actually playing Destiny. One thing that I noticed, is that all throughout the single player and side missions, the vanguard always talk about all the operations and roles the classes do. Ikora says that she wants to have her warlocks scout out and gather information about an area, Cayde has us find the body of a hunter who was on a deep behind enemy lines mission. And then Zavala, armor, and grimoire make references to the twilight garrison defense, and other defensive operations. But what do we the player, who has killed countless gods and enemy leaders get to do? None of this. We do the same lowly patrols, and get sent on what are essentially assassination missions. I think it would add tons more to a players ability to identify as a certain class, if they actually performed the roles of that class. Here are some scenarios I think Destiny 2 could implement.

Most of these are based on an idea that D2 is about reclaiming Earth.

Hunter: As a hunter, you're tasked with performing attacks behind enemy lines. Missions will pop up often, requiring you to stealthily sneak into enemy territory, and generally cause chaos for them. Quick little guerrilla attacks, distracting them from the front lines. Players are able to perform these as a fire team.

Warlock: As a warlock, you're tasked with researching and gathering information on potential areas that the Humans could reclaim, on earth and mars. Like the hunter, missions will pop up requiring you to explore areas, and reporting back enemy numbers and strength. Maybe after you've scouted out an area, you can go in as a fire team and clear it out.

Titan: As a Titan, your are the walls that defend the City. On the map, missions will pop up, requiring you to defend the Last City from fallen incursions, and hive drop pod things. There will also be settlements that will need defending, who's better for the jobs than titans? This would also be fireteam.

Odds are these events would also be matchmaking, so as to not single out lone players, and making it feel more like an effort done by the entire Vanguard.

Once again these are just ideas, they can probably be far more refined and fleshed out, making it more coherent and connected in a game like Destiny.

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