[Idea] Brawl

I had this idea about a weekly brawl with a different reward system, and no throphie gain/loss.

So the idea is, a weekly brawl with different rules each week, like the Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone, with a different set of rules every time.

For example:

  1. Towers are permanently frozen, with the exeption of the King Tower. King Tower is activated from the start, bolster your defenses!

  2. Ground Units are frozen, air units enraged. Or vice versa.

  3. Double elixir from the start, 4x in the last minutes.

  4. Elixir gain is -50%, but enemy unit kills gain 1 elixir. Beware when you use Skarmy.

  5. Legendaries become "Legendary Mirrors" which summon a random Legendary minion.

  6. Spell Valley Alley: all spells cost 1 elixir, damage to towers are greatly reduced.

  7. Every minion carries a rage potion and drops it on death.

  8. Spells are forbidden.

  9. Every player has 1 permanent goblin hut at the end of each lane. Can be stunned, and damaged, but can not die from spells.

  10. Elite Barbarians come in packs of 4, but recieve triple damage.

  11. Every unit you place gets cloned.

  12. Mages have taken over the towers, so towers deal area damage.

  13. Every goblin unit or spell costs 1 elixir.

  14. Air units focus on towers.

  15. Healing Aura: every unit recieves x amount of health every second.

  16. Mirror Draft: you can choose 5 cards, and recieve 5 mirrors that mirror the enemy last played card

  17. Thunder Storm: every 5 seconds a lightning that affects the whole arena can damage anything, from both players.

  18. Brawl with the Trainer: same concept as clan battles, but this time you battle with your trainer.

  19. Minion Horde, Horde: Minion units are doubled, Minions summons 6 minions, Minion Horde summons 12 minions.

  20. Zap it!: Zap looses all it's nerves and it reversed to full power.

  21. Fireball Mortar: the Mortar now shoots Firballs.

  22. Heathseeking Rocket: the rocket seeks out a random target, at double damage, with more chance on hitting towers.

  23. Goblin Army: goblin sizes are increased. For example, Goblin Barrel trows 6 goblins, Goblin Gang summons 6 Spear Goblins, etc

  24. Hog Rider looses it's lust for towers, and now fights units at increased damage and health.

Rewards: the affected cards could be in a draft reward, for example, when all air units are affected, you'd recieve air units. When spells are affected you'd recieve spells. This could give you a boost in cards where you need it.

Some ideas might not be the best, but hey, they're ideas.

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