[idea] Add match statistics to battles.

So as we know, Clash Royale is all about stats. We get stats on each individual card such as DPS as well as the decks themselves (Average Elxir cost).

However, I feel when I use my deck in battles, it would be a great idea to see the performance of each card and the deck itself.

Match stats I've generally thought of are:

● Total Cards used – How many cards in total used throughout the match. It would be an interesting stat since the average elixir cost doesn't always correspond to how fast you cycle through your cards.

● Card usage – A card count to each individual card use throughout the match.

● Damage to towers – How much has each card contributed to the tower damage.

● Total defensive damage – How much damage has each card has dealt to oppoent cards in your half of the arena.

● Total attacking damage – Same as defensive damage but on their half of the arena.

By providing ingame match stats, I believe players would be able tweek their decks easier and decide whether substituting one or two cards to supplement their deck. I find that a lot of players at the moment either copy other decks or follow a meta, and so by implementing this, would bring back a bit more deck creativity which I feel the game has lost during its release.

At the moment, these are only some small ideas so if any Redditors have any more ideas on what stats could be implemented for match stats, I'll add them to the list and reference your username.

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