I’d love to thank Blizzard and WoW for the great memories, and the greatest bestfriend I ever had.

I don't really know where to start, or if this will even get read. Felt like telling my WoW story since it's changed my life in a lot of ways.

My story starts somewhere around mid-late (August) 2008. After going to Crossroads to kill Alliance that had been terrorizing the lowbies there I decided to sit and chill near the Inn. I even do it to this day, pick one random person and say whatever you can. Maybe I'm just an attention seeker, but I've never had a psychoanalysis done. Anyway, I had the sudden urge to pick one random person in the area and tell them I loved them in barrens general chat.

I thought nothing of it, but apparently the person I picked was a kid or teenager and was confused about what I said and as my luck would have it their parents had a friend of theirs shadow them. So I get a lovely message telling me I should watch what I say, and that kids play this game too. Well, at the time I felt like I had done nothing wrong, so I defended myself from this random attacker debbie downer.

We threw insults back and forth, and then she mentioned that she was a mother and I can't remember the relevance of why her being a mother had anything to do with what we were fighting about on WoW, but I told her that if she was such a "great" mom then why is she on WoW and not taking care of her kid? Welp…. Basically signed off on my own funeral there. I felt bad, and then after listening to what she started saying I agreed that I was being a jerk and I apologized to her. We talked for, what seemed like hours, actually learning things about each other that we had in common.

After talking until around 3am or so (Midnight for her) she had to go to bed since she'd have to get up with her daughter. So she decided to add me on Myspace. She logged and I checked through her profile for a bit and left it at that. I never thought to message her myself via myspace or WoW. Just because I didn't want to be a bother to her.

May 2009 comes around, I hit level 80 (I played A LOT of BGs when they didn't get exp) and decided I wanted to join a raiding guild. I got invited to my first raiding guild "Exodus of the SinDorei". While there I met with quite a few people who.. I actually still have added to this day on Facebook, but rarely speak to them.

Anyway fast forward to .. Early November 2009, Me and this guildie of mine Saidi had been talking on and off for a bit and I taught them how to do "DND", and generally meant you were upset about something. I had fallen into a small depression because my girlfriend at the time had to be put into rehab for alcohol and narcotic abuse. So I was going through a rough time. I had my DND status set on, and Saidi decided to poke at it (whisper) to see if there was a message attached. I don't remember there being one but maybe there was.

Anyway, they start talking to me and just offer reassuring comments and whatnot about my situation. I decided to do "For the Horde" to lift my spirits a bit while still talking to my guildie. It was around the Iron Forge area that I stopped really caring about my group since we had already wiped on the IF boss twice and just kept talking away about random things. Then they said something interesting. They asked me if I had a Myspace, and told me their name and that I should add them.

Interestingly enough, even though a year had passed. I still remembered the girl I added a year prior to that because of her name.So I told my guildie "Huh, that's cool. You'll be the second "Mitsubishi" (name changed for safety reasons) on my friendslist, and she told me that, that was cool because she was the only one that she knew by that name that played WoW. Turns out, the girl I had been getting closer to in my new guild was the girl I added a year beforehand on Myspace. Just under a new alt (before battlenet client existed). I told her who I was, and the reaction was priceless "That was YOU?!". I'm surprised she still remembered me. Especially after getting to know her, her memory isn't the greatest hah.

Still, she was really good to me. Over the years that we've known each other we got very close. Met IRL a couple times, been through quite a bit together and basically… the only person that either of us could really trust. Even saving each other from really deep holes of despair. I know I'll never trust anyone the same way as I do her, still do. Without going into a lot of details however (yes she's still among the living). Recently we had a falling out, and it's not like we've never fought or anything, but this time I've been shut out of most aspects, the only thing we can really do now is text.

It's a lot to read, and honestly I don't know if anyone will even make it this far. I wanted to share our story. I don't really think there's a massive moral to what I'm trying to get at. Maybe something like…. You never know what aspect of your life will change because of what you do? If not for WoW I'd have never met her.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. She hasn't been able to play since 2013, I still play semi-regularly when I can. Leaving a picture below of one of the more memorable moments. After getting the BB gun achievement back in 2009 we decided to have a duel outside the Exodar. Our gear was completely red and after pegging Velen, we just took res sickness. Both turned on aspect of the pack, and fist fought as hunters.


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