I’d like to see a new hybrid land-claim system.

I think conan should have something like a combination of Wurm Online and Rust and the current system So in Conan we'd have a buildable object, perhaps a totem or statue or something else that fits the lore, and it will provide from 5x5x5 to 101×101 tiles of claimed area, this object can not be destroyed except by decay.

BUT it requires up-keep to stave off decay and also stop all structures in it's radius from decaying. We don't have currency in Conan as they use in Wurm so maybe use a tiered system where the basic 1×1 costs only 25 wood, stone and fibre per tile claimed per day. Now once you get to a certain size it becomes impractical to be carting so much raw material so the cost should change to iron reinforcements, bricks and shaped wood. So perhaps once you claim an area equal to 10×10 it could start costing 1 of each bricks, iron reinforcements and shaped wood per day per tile. Then once you reach an area equal to say 25×25 it could switch up to costs steel reinforcements, hardened bricks and shaped wood. again 1 per tile per day. . This fixes several problems that currently exist. people can't use structures to block all the resource spawns for long, as without a land claim decay starts nearly immediately, teir 1 structures completely decayed in 12hrs, tier 2 completely decayed in 3 days, tier 3 completely decayed in 7 days.

bases now require upkeep so that people/clans can't just have monolithic fortresses that are forever stood there once built. if a clan stops playing or a rival tribe prevents them from farming materials for upkeep then their building begins to crumble. this means a cliff base is only safe so long as they can upkeep it. players now have to factor in how much of a base they can afford to upkeep when planning it's size, they can't just keep adding on to their structure to at some point make a behemoth and lag the server/clients trying to render it and also unlike 7 days or rust you can't just place the land-claim and then hide it inside a structure with no doors, it has to be accessible to refill the upkeep.

I would also go 1 step further and say that structures inside a land claim can be automatically repaired if there is enough materials stored in the land claim token/object to do so. In this way we can approximate the effect of defenders even when the players are offline, making offline raids still easier than an active defence but not so easy as it is in games like ark or rust. the attackers must execute a potentially long siege to actually raid a well established base, attacking the fortifications and draining the defenders supplies. I foresee raiding being more of a multi-day effort rather than a multi-minute effort. Not something you can do within moments of the defender logging off.

If I had the option then the above is how I would have my server running already.

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