I’d like to present RaidInviteHelper. A small but useful addon I made.

Hello everyone, I'd like to present for consideration a small addon that I made called RaidInviteHelper. It's… not the most impressive of names. It is also my first addon, ever. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this mess!


  • One click raid invites for your regular raid team.



  • Store up to 5 raid or party groups with one button.
  • Invite and form raid with entire group with one button.
  • Manually add and remove members from the group.
  • Delete an entire group.
  • Open the UI with /rih

Future Development:

  • Probably none, but maybe a map button for the UI toggle.
  • Likely won't happen, but maybe a way to specify assistants
  • Should be in there, but I'm lazy – toggle the difficulty when you invite.


Our raid "starts" at 8:00. Which means invites start going out at 8:00. Our raid team is cross realm, cross battlegroup, and cross guild, which means there is at least 15 minutes of wasted time minimum to get everyone invited, and that is if everyone is online. We had 4 people doing invites trying to cross reference all those friend lists along with other regulars that nobody bothered to add. "Did you invite 'the warlock'? I dunno, let me troll my entire list and see if he's online", repeat for every raid member.

If you raid only two nights a week, that's a half hour of wasted raid time every single week. That's… 3 Gul'dan attempts? Or 6 attempts at normal length bosses? Who knows how much time that wastes across an entire expansion.

So I thought to myself, "Kechlion – there has GOT to be a an addon out there that'll do this for you! I mean, surely not everyone wastes this much time like we do." I would be incorrect.

There ARE various addons that have fallen out of development around inviting groups, but all of the ones that I found were based around inviting your whole guild, or just all the max level people in your guild, and never about inviting disparate groupings of people.

So I thought to myself, "Kechlion – you're not completely in the dark about programming, you write scripts for work all the time, just write yourself an addon." And so I thought, "Hell yeah, let's do this".

And then I was introduced to LUA and much anguish was had.

And now, raid invites no longer take a half hour a week! If everyone is on it takes 20 seconds and we are headed to the raid! It does what it says in the title – helps you to invite people to raid. And that's basically it.

Ready to save your group? Once you have your raid group formed initially, you click 'Store Current Group' and it saves everyone in your current group to one of 5 groups. Happen to add a couple more people later? No worries! Just click 'Store Current Group' and it'll append them.

Ready to raid? Click 'Invite Group to Raid' and with one click the entire group listed is sent out invites in a top to bottom order.

Need to remove that loot whoring feral druid that tunnels the boss? Select him in the 'Members' drop down and select 'Delete Member'. NO INVITES FOR YOU.

Accidentally clicked 'Delete Group'? No worries! I put in an idiot saver accidental clicker saver to make sure you know what you're doing.

If you made it this for, thank you so much for reading the wall of text and happy raiding!

Technical Junk:

It invites sequentially with a timer built in. The timer was literally the hardest part of the whole thing. You know why? Loops in the LUA script run too fast for WoW's built in functions. I wrote a loop to invite a person, then form a raid group, then invite the rest since you can't form the raid group on your own. It would never successfully create the group. Even when I had it attempt to form the raid after every single invite it would still hit the 'you're not in a big enough group to invite those people' error. And it's not cause they hadn't joined yet. A pending invite counts as a party member so if you invite someone manually and they haven't accepted you can still form a raid group. It is entirely possible that it was just my poor coding habits, but it works now, so who cares, amirite?

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