I wish this game was a bit more like Far Cry in some areas.

I know it sounds crazy, asking Ubi to copy MORE of one of their own franchises. Let me explain.

(This post is based off the open beta ofcourse)

  • The driving. Driving in Far Cry 3/4 is arguably the best driving model of any shooter ever made. You always feel in control, vehicles have some weight to them and handle like you would expect. A handling model like GTA's would be even better (especially with the helicopters and planes) but Far Cry's is pretty much spot on aswell.

  • The Feeling of accomplishment. In Far Cry 4 you always feel like your input matters. You slowly see the map falling into rebel / friendly held territories. In Wildlands capturing outposts have no meaning, the enemies will respawn anyways. Same with Sam sites. What are we doing it for? I know it's not realistic to have the rebels capturing the entire country eventually but why are the rebels here in the first place? They play absolutely no part in the open world other than some technicals driving around.

  • The shooting. Even though I like the damage model in Wildlands, it feels like you are shooting plastic dummies. The sound isn't as punchy as Far Cry's for example. The visual effects of bullet impacts on flesh, water, metal etc is also really well done in FC. I'm not saying FC's model is perfect but atleast it feels as if you're holding something powerful. In wildlands it all feels a bit "Cardboard-ish" from time to time.

  • Knives. Pretty self explanatory I think. Takedowns especially. The struggle cuddle is a bit meh I think.

  • Enemy loadout authenticity. In Far Cry Pagan's army usually rocks their standard issue AK's. In Wildlands they (obviously) have very different weapons which is to be expected since the cartel doesn't have 'standard issue' rifles but I didn't like seeing Sicarios wielding AK12's in the games starting region. What's wrong with some shady AK's, FAL's or G3's? Also the mounted guns… The Minigun fitted technicals are such an immersion killer IMO. I'd much rather see some DSHK's.

  • FC4's level of polish. Very vague point but I think you all understand

  • Enemy AI. FC's AI isn't brilliant by any means but their location searches are top notch. They don't know exactly where you are after you locate, they don't have 200m night vision eyeballs etc. It's just better imo

  • Moving bodies, moving bodies , moving bodies, MOVING BODIES FFS

I'll update the post when I come up with more. Maybe you can help me out 🙂 You are free to disagree with me, this is what I would like to see.

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