I wish Iron Banner gear was on par to great designs as Trials of Osiris Year 3 gear. Why did Bungie reuse the Days of Iron book gear this time around?

I always thought Iron Banner could have been much more when it came to another alternative to folks like me who couldn't get to the lighthouse, or couldn't receive amazing looking Trials of Osiris Year 3 gear sets with ornaments.

I feel like this time around the design quality for gear sets for Iron Banner in Year 3 has been somewhat of poor quality. Now I am trying not to hate on the designers for the Rise of Iron DLC, but at the same time I am kind of disappointed with the lack of creativity for Iron Banner Year 3 gear sets. They literally just reused the Days of Iron gear and called it a day.

Now my favourite times for Iron Banner was in Year 1 and in Year 2. Those gear sets made Iron Banner something to enjoy doing because you could get some awesome looking gear sets that were well thought of design wise, and had some amazing stats and also some style to them. Now the gear sets are just light level feeding and not worth anything.

Honestly, if they could have just hired the guy who designed the Trials of Osiris gear for Year 3 and helped made some amazing looking quality Year 3 Iron Banner sets, maybe the gear to chase would be better. I see no reason to obtain the gear other then weapons only. The weapons are decently designed, love the scopes of them, but the gear is disappointing so far.

I feel like they rushed with Iron Banner gear sets and just decided to use the Days of Iron gear sets and call it a day. And why not have ornaments that are holographic like Trials? Why can't we players who can't go to the lighthouse have gear sets that are as cool as Trials gear sets to chase and feel like we are still powerful Guardians?

I am all about fashion over function, I want to look good while fighting the Darkness. Cause at the end of the day, for me its all about cosmetics and showing off your personality and creativity within Destiny.

Why not have Iron Banner gear sets that look just as amazing as Trials of Osiris year 3 gear? Wouldn't that at least make Iron Banner more enjoyable to play to chase the gear?

I hope I'm not the only one about this topic or idea.

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