I was an idiot on ice (SPOILERS)

This game. I mean, seriously … this game. I did an entire Divine Beast section wrong but was able to stumble my way to victory.

Alright, so I'm still sub 20 hours in the game. Got a toddler at home so I pretty much only get to play during nap time. Anyway, my first divine beast ended up being Elephun the elephant from the Zora section.

Riding around on Sidon (no homo) dealing with ice blocks. Sure, I try runes. None of them seem to help. I try to fight ice with ice, but those pillars can't block them fast enough. So I start shooting them down with arrows.

Yeah. I know. I'm also in the future now. Use cryonis to SHATTER the ICE. I assumed you could only break ice YOU made. Never dawned on me during.

So anyway, I shoot down ice. I shock the elephant. Rinse. Repeat. Breaking bows. Brute force my way inside Ruta with one bow to my name.

Then, the fun part. After getting through the dungeon, along comes icy spear mini-Ganon.

Get halfway through and final bow breaks. I'm stocked with over 80 assorted arrows still … just nothing to use them with on a boss that needs to be bopped at a distance. I'm rocking only five hearts as I decided to focus more on building stamina. I'm screwed, right?

I stubbornly refuse to say die. I eat a hearty meal. Bomb the ice blocks. Chug an attack up elixir. Chuck swords at mini-Gan's eye. Weapons break instantly when they hit, so my options dwindled steadily.

I eventually stood victorious with only a sword and a leaf to my name. Oh and don't forget a bunch of arrows burning a hole in my quiver.

TL;DR: Beat Waterblight Ganon and did entire Divine Beast Vah Ruta section without realizing you can use Cryonis to break the enemy ice blocks. Broke all my bows and started flinging swords like a lunatic. Doesn't matter. Had victory.

The fact that I could fail so much without losing makes this my new favorite game.

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