I want to propose a way to lessen your PvE boredom (Dragon’s Breath appreciation post)

By now, and for probably some time in the past, people have eaten up all challenges PvE has to offer. Outside of the few who are hunting things like Nanopheonix and god roll guns/armor, there's little else to keep you occupied, and yet you're still here.

Lemme get to the point: Do you like Strikes? I like strikes. Strikes are pretty swank I think. So, instead of going into Heroics repping a weapon to match the burn of the week, rep a weapon that ACTUALLY burns.

The one and only Dragon's Breath

I see so little of this fun little beauty in playlist, so I grabbed mine out of the vault and hopped into playlist, toting my Vacancy for when I ran out of ammo. This thing is an absolute joy to use. Taken spawning in? Drop a field of fire right below them. Kovik moving to a new shooting position to stand there and beam you down? Drop fire on him and keep moving. It excels at handling stationary bosses, teleporting mob spawns (Taken and Vex)

The true beauty of this gun is Surplus. out of a maximum of 5 or 6 spare ammo reserves, a single heavy brick gives you 4 rockets. It's utterly gorgeous.

I was using it with this week, but imagine how good it would be with Solar Burn or Airborne? Not only that, but the learning curve of dropping the canister can provide a moderate challenge to the player along with rewarding payoff.

PvE not your thing? Love Crucible but hate the meta? Go set up a custom Mayhem game mode and play around with some friends and compete with who can rebound the napalm canisters for trick shots!

Just, use this launcher. Nah, it's not Gjally or Sleeper, but let's be fair: it is easily one of the most exotic Exotics in the game. It's unique and fun to use. You're not sitting here trying to optimize strike playlist when you're bored are you?

Unwind a bit. Grab the green tube of death. Light some shit on fire.

Enjoy Guardians. Let those underused exotics of yours get a little turn here and there. You might find yourself having fun.

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