I want to like this game and in some way I do, but there’s downsides than upsides for me.

I'm gaming for around 20 years by now and while I sometimes am lost in nostalgia I at the same time am open for new stuff. I love to play games that encourage teamplay and cooperation but I don't need a 100% milsim to be able to enjoy a game.

That being said, I've been playing the closed beta with a friend and actually was having fun.

The world looks wonderful and I did get some fancy DayZ feeling when I first started the game.

There has been valid criticism after the open beta and they sure did listen to the community and fixed some stuff but overall, playing the game it feels like there is so much more that needs fixing and I doubt they will get this done until release.

There are not many things that would highly annoy me, but the things that do more or less take away all the fun for me.

1. the lack of proper squad management

Operation Flashpoint did get released around 10 years ago and gave you MUCH more options to utilize your squad and in GRW it feels like their only reason to be there in the first place is to tell you lousy jokes, have super clichee conversations and glitch and bug through the game.

2. team/ enemy AI

I cannot count the times where my squad has notified me about enemies they had no LOS on whatsoever, were syncshotting enemies they had no LOS on or were not hitting enemies that were standing right in front of them. I wouldn't even bother if this just would be a side feature of the game, but for single player mode it's the main feature. How is it even possible to release a main feature that is so massively broken?

Not being able to change/ set their roles, clothing, weapons and equipment, nor the option to set different orders for different squadmates just feels so wrong

3. fetch quests and a campaign, that doesn't feel like a campaign

Not every game can be a masterpiece like "The Last of Us" in regards to story and campaign and while the CoD multiplayer experience has gone down the drain in regards to the gaming style (for me) I really admire the time and energy they are putting into their campaigns (even though it's mainly a multiplayer title and the campaign is just a bonus).

I don't even need constant cutscenes, but in GRW, the campaign just feels like a a bunch of linked together sidemissions that get indicated on the map with a different color, nothing more, nothing less. Run there, do this, go there, kill that, go somewhere else and collect something. I got bored of this in the closed beta already and I had a hard time grinding through the first area again when the open beta started and didn't even manage to finish the second area because I was already bored because I felt like I was repeating the very same actions over and over again.

4. the world looks wonderful but soulless

As said, the world really looks amazing, but they failed to put any life and soul in it. I kinda enjoyed meeting a bunch of Llamas and Armadillos but that's it. The native folks running around there just will get in your way and jump in front of your car.

5. radio spam

I actually like the idea of people using radios or TVs, but listenting to the very same 2 songs and word stations over and over and over again made me go crazy after starting the open beta yesterday. Why would someone add such a feature (actually good one) and then repeat it's programm every 15 minutes? I mean, in GTA I sometimes log in just to drive around a bit and listen to the radio station of my choice.

6. some things just don't make sense

I like the idea to steal cars from your enemy and use them to your advantage, but getting detected instantly when you are in a UNIDAD or CB car or helo, just doesn't make sense.

Running around as a special OP fireteam with all your weapons and having no one care about you in any way, even though the radios are blasting (every 15 minutes) that you are supposed to get reported when you are seen somewhere just doesn't make sense. In this regard it feels like the only valid stealth approach is using your sniper rifle and killing enemies before they detect you, while you can run around packed and loaded with guns and equipment and most locals still think you are some kind of tourist. Hell, you even can steal multiple cars from locals and no one gives a rats ass about it.

Why have a good bunch of clothing options if they do not increase your chance for staying stealth? I didn't experience any difference in running around in full camo and ghillie suit and I think you are getting detected just as fast/ slow if you would run around in a neon pink latex dress waving with mirror balls and teasing them with funky music blasting from your SATphone

Really, I actually want to like this game but there's so many things that don't feel thought through at the current state at the same time, this game has SO MUCH potential.

In some way I even did enjoy the game but not in a I-pay-70-bucks-to-play-it way…and I actually was going to preorder … :/

I really hope they will fix it and maybe even will add some PVP content to ensure longetivity.

Either I will buy this game once it's on a sale for 20-30 bucks or I will buy it when they have fixed all the things that are massively wrong at the moment and I really hope that they will fix it.

I alone have 5-6 people on my xbox friendlist who were massively hyped for this game but didn't even bother to keep playing the beta. It's a shame actually, because…

so. much. potential.

/edit: was forgetting the "more" in the title. I guess I'm as good in making posts on reddit as Ubisoft Paris is in making games.

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