I visited the Brawlers Guild for the first time yesterday. It is now my favorite place in WoW.

"WTF dude!" An audience member shouts as he loses his streak. Apparently there are some who do not find the apocalyptic fire storm that is flame wall intimidating enough to step two feet to the side.


Some go down swinging, some die like bitches, and some simply stand there and perish. This is the Brawlers Guild, and it is my favorite place in WoW.


There I stood on top of a crate knocking down the cheapest strong digital drink I could find over and over. I was going to beat this fucked up version of pac man and I was going to do it wasted.


In the arena is some scrub who has been cornered by explosive teddybears. On the other side of the wall of plushies is kung foo panda. The trapped warrior makes a last ditch effort and casts charge. This resulted in a high speed rush into a violent explosion of thermite and incompetence. I died laughing and keks were had all around.


Next is the fire genie. I always bet on the genie. The combination of difficult mechanics and cheap deaths makes for a pretty safe bet. The fight starts and fire spawns on some poor mage in a split second. He goes down with a (UAGHK! UUUUGHH!). "GG m8" Somebody chimes in.


I pop into the arena. All eyes are on me. I knock back one more banana cocktail and its off to the races. I had died maybe four times to this. Bets were not on my side, but I had rearranged my hot bar for this specific fight. No longer would i need my cursor, which had been getting me killed.


I'm tense in my computer chair. I grab a powerup and relentlessly pound the first panda into submission. The second I nail with a giant fireball courtesy of my DK artifact. One more to go. Hes not dead yet, and I'm swerving everywhere because of the booze.


"Hes actually gonna do it." Somebody says from the sidelines. And I did. With a mighty roar Cindy descents from the skies and ices that fat bastard, courtesy of my late father Arthas, the one true king.


I emerge on the other side of the ring to enthusiastic claps and cheers. I am legend. /cast drunkenvomit

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